Mither Mages Wiki

A Mither Mage, or god, was a supernatural being with an affinity for an element or thing in which they then have magical control over. Mither Mages were also called gods, mages, and were often misnamed by drowthers as angels, wizards, witches, spirits, fairies, ghosts, werewolves, talking animals, walking trees, living stones, and more.

Affinities and Magery[]

The following is a list of types of magery and their capability titles, strongest to weakest (as best known.)

  • Gatemage - Gatefather, Pathbrother, Keyfriend, Lockfriend, Sniffer, Doormouse
  • Manmage
  • Firemage - Lightrider, Firemaster
  • Stonemage - Stonefather, Rockbrother, Cobblefriend, Pebbleson
  • Windmage - Tempester, Galebreath
  • Beastmage - Hawkbrother/Hawkfriend, Clawsister/Clawfriend/Clawbrother, Eyefriend, Sparrowfriend, Birdfriend
  • Seamage - Tidefather, Wavebrother
  • Treemage - Sapkin, Rootherd
  • Plantmage - Seedguard, Seedservant, Meadowfriend
  • Watermage - Waterfather, Watersire, Puddleson
  • Thornmage
  • Dirtmage - Claymaster, Claymistress, Siltbrother, Muckminder
  • Sandmage - Sandfather
  • Metalmage
  • Machinemage