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Danny North, a Gatefather.

A Gatemage was arguably, along with a manmage, the most powerful of all Mither Mages.  A servant of spacetime, a gatemage was able to create a portal, or "gate", that would transport a person or thing instantaneously between two points.  Gates, in addition to being powerful means of travel and manipulation, would heal any wound when a person passes through.  

Gatemages also had the power to create Great Gates, which were formed by weaving a dozen or more gates together and extending them from one world to another.  The passage between worlds (Westil and Mittlegard) greatly strengthened any mage's power many fold.  Thus, gatemages were extremely valuable to fellow mages in the quest for greater power. They were forced to be killed because Loki closed all the great gates, and if a family could get theit hands on one that could make a great gate, they could destroy the other families.  

Types of Gatemages[]

  • Gatefather - Can make, close (gather in), eat (taking in another gatemages gate) lock, unlock and move the gates locations. Gatesense.
  • Pathbrother - Can make limited number of gates, Gatesense.
  • Keyfriend - Can unlock gates. Gatesense.
  • Lockfriend - Can lock gates. Gatesense.
  • Sniffer/Finder - Can find gates. Gatesense.
  • Doormouse

Gate Types[]

  • Unlocked Gate - A gate that any gatemage can use freely, but non-gatemages cannot interact with. Can be locked by a Lockfriend, Pathbrother, or Gatefather.
  • Locked Gate - A gate than no one can enter, unless it is unlocked by a Keyfriend, Pathbrother, or Gatefather. The gate than becomes whatever type it was when it was made, or, if it was created as a locked gate, it becomes an unlocked gate.
  • Public Gate - A gate that anyone can walk through. It is usually made by putting two or more gates together.
  • Viewport - Half made gates that have both ends locked. Whoever looks through can see and hear what is going on elsewhere, usually without being seen.
  • Great Gate - A powerful gate made of at least 12 gates woven together. This gate connects two seperate worlds, such as Earth and Westil. Passing through a great gate massively amplifies the existing power of a Mither Mages, but does not grant them new abilities. For example, if a wind mage that could control small breezes passes through, they would be able to create and control tornadoes on a whim, but not create lightning, rain, or thunderstorms. Passing through a great gate also seems to grant mages a greater awareness of other mages of their kind, and in some cases, allows them to influence others magery; such as a beastmage being able to sever other beastmages connections to their animals temporarily.

Gatemages of Mythology[]

The following are known Gatemages in history: 

  • Loki
  • Hermes
  • Thoth
  • Mercury